Ah winter. It brings snowmen, skiing and an excuse to stay inside by the fireplace. Unfortunately, cold weather, treacherous driving conditions and winter salt and debris in your entryway also come along for the ride. You might think these negative factors of winter are inevitable, but there are ways to keep your entryway clean. If while walking through your entryway each day, seeing all the winter salt and debris is getting you down, there is hope. With the right tools, and a quality cleaning company, you can get rid of winter salt and debris from your entryway.

Why a clean entryway is important

salt to remove for clean entrywayFirst impressions do matter – you never get a second chance at this. Even during foul weather, guests and visitors still expect your office space to be in top shape. This includes your entryway. When your entryway looks bad, it casts a negative light over your entire establishment. According to a study, approximately 95 percent of customers say that exterior appearances influence where they spend their dollars. More than half will avoid a business that looks dirty. Prevent slip and fall injuries – this is a danger for all businesses and public places.

When ice melting products melt into snow and ice, it creates a substance called brine, which can dissolve into the crevices of your floors and cause tiles to come undone, causing a tripping hazard. Every year, accidents caused by wet, dirty floors are responsible for millions of dollars in lawsuits and worker’s compensations claims. You must stay on top of this issue to protect your business. Every interaction counts – each touch point you have with a customer has a message. A dirty entryway sends the wrong one. In addition to listing store/office hours and displaying merchandise, your entryway helps to tell your story.

Why is winter salt and debris so much harder to clean?

Salt and calcium chloride are in high demand during the winter months. This is because both have excellent melting properties and because they are inexpensive. Regrettably these are the same properties that make them so hard to clean. When these types of ice melting products mix with water, they also leave an unappealing white residue that affects the appearance of your floors. This also occurs when the floors are already damaged. This generates the double problem of eating away at the finish and creating scratches which work to attract even more dirt and debris. Delaying only worsens the issue, which will eventually lead to floors that are so damaged that they need to be replaced or recoated.

What you need to do to keep your entryway clean from salt and debris

1. Clean the parking area

Removing garbage and other debris will prevent customers and visitors from tracking it into your business. Small activities like sweeping the sidewalk and providing enough receptacles outside can make a big difference in the cleanliness of your entryway.

2. Make sure the doors stay closed

Winter salt and debris is not always brought in by employees and visitors. Sometimes, it finds its way in on its own due to wind from open doors and windows. Do not prop them open or leave your entryway exposed to the elements. You may believe that keeping doors open creates a welcoming atmosphere but during winter months, it has the opposite effect of letting in dirt and generating an unclean image.

3. Use Quality and Sufficient Walk Off Mats and surfaces at entrances

Good walk off mats will help keep “Dirt at the Door”. It should have “scratchy” feel to help release debris and a quality product will also have good absorption to absorb moisture on a wet day. 12 times more soil is tracked into a building on a rainy wet day vs. sunny dry day and 25’ of walk off material is recommended to remove all debris from underfoot.

4. Hire a professional floor cleaning service

Winter salt is a whole different category and must be dealt with quickly to limit permanent damage. When you are cleaning winter salt and debris from your entryway, there is a chemical reaction taking place. A professional floor cleaning service, like EcoDry, will have the appropriate tools and products necessary to handle this function safely and quickly. We can give your entryway the proper protection and cleaning for winter salt and debris and all year long.