There are many reasons to regularly clean your office. Your workplace should always remain in a pristine state for the sake of both your customers and your employees. To that end, deep cleaning your facility at least once per year is important for continued productivity. A deep clean is different from your typical cleaning service. While many offices hire out companies to come in on the weekends and empty trash bins, wipe down surfaces, and sanitize the kitchen and bathroom, a deep cleaning goes above and beyond these rather simplistic services. When an office or commercial space receives a deep cleaning, overlooked surfaces are fully sanitized, eliminating built up dirt and grime, which typically evades a common wipe down. Focus areas for deep cleaning include carpets, flooring, and furniture.
But what benefits are there to regularly deep cleaning your office? What needs to be done to prepare for a spring cleaning? And what can you do throughout the year to keep your office presentable between cleaning visits?

Employee Benefits

Young employees in office after deep cleaning millicare nj cliftonThe people who occupy the most amount of time within the walls of your office are your staff. Employees are affected most directly by an unruly or catastrophic work space. Dirt, filth, and clutter have been proven to negatively impact the performance of employees. Productivity and overall comfort are the first casualties of a disgusting office. Human beings are happier and work better in clean open spaces. If garbage is piling up, dirt is crusting over, and stains are a common feature on every bit of furniture, it will have a negative impact.
Deep cleaning gives your staff a much needed breath of fresh air…literally. Clutter, dust, and dirt can negatively impact the air quality of your office. Immediately following a deep clean, your employees will be more vitalized thanks to cleaner air and a lack of clutter. What’s more, this new fresh atmosphere is easier to maintain following a deep clean. If the office is looking it’s best, it sends a message to the employees you’re proud of your company and your environment.

Sell the Image of Your Office

First impressions are everything in the business world. If potential customers walk into your office to find stained furniture and filthy floors, you’re already entering into the sales cycle at a disadvantage. You want to show the buying world a pristine and sparkling image, so that when they walk in the door they marvel at your professionalism. And make no mistake, cleanliness equates to professionalism in the minds of potential buyers.
Imagine walking into the office of an attorney that you’re looking to trust with an important case, which might decide the entire course of your life. As you walk through the door you’re greeted with a foul stench. The carpets are soiled with coffee stains and covered in debris. The upholstery on the furniture is dull, caked with dirt, and splotched with discoloration. Before that lawyer walks out of their office to shake your hand, even if they’re the sharpest legal mind in the United States, your view of them has been severely impacted. You’re not likely to have faith in this person or their business. This is someone you have to trust with your life and money, and they can’t even clean their carpets?
Now, imagine it’s that same lawyer, but the scent in the air is fresh, the carpet is pristinely cleaned and vacuumed. The furniture is perfect. The entire office appears to be brand new. Now this sharp legal mind walks out to greet you. It’s an impressive showing and a strong first impression. You’d be twice as likely to utilize the services of this attorney, now that you’ve seen the care that they show their place of business.
Apply this scenario to your own life and business. Remember that what customers see, hear, and smell when they walk through the door will have a profound effect on their opinion of you and greatly influence their purchase decision.

Deep Cleaning Done Right

EcoDry is the premiere commercial deep cleaning floor and furniture service in the state of New Jersey. Using the MilliCare process, our proprietary system, we utilize powerful low moisture cleaning products and equipment in order to keep your office looking spectacular and impressive.
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