Keep a Sustainable Clean

EcoDry being backed by a franchise that has over 20 years of experience was no accident. Milli-Care and their franchisees have been keeping commercial space clean with their proprietary dry cleaning system by offering high quality customer service, a great finished product, and all at a price that can be afforded by small companies all the way up to Fortune 100’s.

Whether you need a high traffic entryway cleaned weekly, a hallway cleaned monthly, or an office cleaned yearly, EcoDry can handle it.

We create a plan for each customer that is tailored to their specific needs. Based on the volume of foot traffic going through an area, number of employees in an office, location of the flooring or furniture, and several other factors, EcoDry will illustrate what needs to be done and will determine how frequently our clients should be calling us in!

We follow up after every cleaning to make sure the cleaning met (and hopefully exceeded) expectations. Below is recent feedback from customers.

Everything looks great- thank you! Tell the guys they did a great job here last night. They are the best!



The work ethic of your employees exceeded our expectations. They were extremely efficient – they got right down to work – very professional and very respectful. Nick and I were very pleased with the outcome. We will be sure to engage your services in the future and recommend you to others if the occasion should arise. Thank you for your services!


Nicholas Pascarella & Co.

Everything looks great Jackie!


Verizon Wireless

Everything is great, as usual.



It looks great!



Looks great as usual. Thanks so much!