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Restorative Care Using Millicare Carpet Cleaning

When you’ve waited too long to clean the carpet, bringing it back to a like new condition can be very challenging. A deep, restorative carpet cleaning may prove necessary if it’s been neglected to bring your carpet back to a near new level of appearance. Most...

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5 ways to extend the life of your commercial flooring

It can either enhance the beauty of your workspace or become an eyesore. You walk on it every day and may never even think about it. Your commercial flooring plays an important role in how you conduct your business. Make it continue to work for you with proper care....

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Why People are More Productive in a Clean Work Environment

Clean is happy Why people are more productive in a clean work environment How do you feel when you are not clean? Most likely, you feel grimy, unpleasant and discontented. The same can be said for a messy workplace. When your working environment is dirty, workers tend...

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Advantages of Clean Office Floors

Are your floors really clean? Typically, maintenance staff is contracted to clean work environments. Hopefully they give proper attention to the floors - sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and polishing, but are your floors really clean?  Substandard and incorrect cleaning...

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Importance of Cleaning Office Furniture

We pay special attention to cleaning the bathrooms and hard surfaces in commercial environments but cleaning office furniture is often overlooked and there’s a good chance your office furnishings could use TLC. An important consideration in cleaning office furniture...

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