Seven Ways EcoDry Delivers Service


Let’s face it, carpets attract dirt and filth quickly and are very tough to clean with household cleaning products. Have a coffee stain in the middle of a busy office? What about dirt and salt trails running from one end of a hallway leading to a doorway that happens to be a main entry point for employees?

 Office image is important not only to the perception of your clients but to the employees that work for you. A clean office is a happy office and showing care for the environment your employees work in will go a long way not only with morale and company pride but productivity.

 EcoDry’s use of Milli-Care’s proprietary dry cleaning process will get those tough to scrub stains and marks out of your company’s carpeting with just one treatment! Afraid of odor? Don’t want to lose a work day? No problem! Our team is quick, efficient and works with eco-friendly products that won’t leave you needing clothes pins for your staff!


Stained office chairs are the worst and it is never good to see your investment get defaced by any substance. New blue jeans rub off on light colored furniture and leave a blue residue, non-clear liquids will leave an inevitable mark, and greasy food will leave it’s mark clear as day.

 Caring for your furniture is very important to the lifespan of your investment, but our services go beyond just chairs! EcoDry will clean cubicle panels, upholstered furniture, and virtually any surface that is not a wall or ceiling.


Flooring will always get dirty, it’s just a fact of life. With our Performance Coating, your floor will stay cleaner longer and the lifespan of your floors will greatly increase. Our protective layer will protect the floor permanently, prevent people from slipping with our slip resistant material, resist stains and will renew and protect the color of the floor.


Over the years, using stone or wood tiling has gained popularity in homes and offices to add value and improve appearance. One will commonly hear “stainless steel and granite countertops” complimented by a patterned stone or tile for the desired modern look. While this does add value and beauty, tile and stone can be hard to clean properly due to its porous surface and grout borders. Most commonly in high traffic rooms such as bathrooms and wkitchens, tile and grout can appear clean when sweeping. Even when some try a deeper clean and scrub, it is time consuming, potentially ineffective, and difficult to keep up with.


Cleaning your floors once is easy. Ongoing care takes consistency, hard work and commitment to maintain appearance and quality. EcoDry uses their truest chemicals and expertise to provide reliable cost effective floor care that you can depend on.


First impressions are important and lasting. With our floor care products and quality service, EcoDry ensures your entryway sets the tone for your business from the start.


Keep your floors cleaner longer. Our protective care services stand the test of daily household and office use. From areas like the bathroom and kitchen where bacteria can seem hidden, to visible stains on the entryway carpet in the office, EcoDry knows that your floors need to be resilient.

Our network of skilled project management professionals assesses your space to understand your facilities’ unique needs and determine which materials and surfaces in your space can be cleaned: carpet, textiles, performance coatings, tile & grout, hard surface floor care, entryway systems and special preventative care services.